How do I become a Cerami, Inc. Products dealer?
If you would like to be set up as a dealer, please send a brief message to our sales department by clicking the “Contact us” link on the menu near the top right corner of the page. Please include information about your business, clients and current product selection.  If you have any trouble with any links, email us directly at dealersales@ceramiinc.com.
When can I expect my tile to arrive if it was “Special Order” or if it is ordered directly from the factory?
Specialty tiles (those that are hand-made), may require up to 10-12 weeks for arrival. Slab/panel orders direct from the factory.
Why can’t I place my order online?
Cerami, Inc. does not sell tile or countertops online. We want to make sure we are completely clear on what you need to order and that we answer any questions you may have. If you are a first time purchaser, or if you have any questions, please contact the appropriate representative. Contact information is located on the right of each product page. For repeat customers, you can fax Purchase Orders to us at 415-485-5186, or email us at: dealersales@ceramiinc.com.
How can I check on the availability of a specific product?
Please contact Cerami, Inc. at 855-252-0663 or email: dealersales@ceramiinc.com. Please include name of the product, size and color, along with the desired square footage or number of slabs/panels you will need.
How do I request a sample?

To help you decide which material is best for you, Cerami, Inc. provides samples of most products at no charge to our customers. We strongly recommend that you see a sample before placing your order. To request a sample, click on the Sample Request link on the right side of each product page, or send an email to dealersales@ceramiinc.com with your name, company name, and ship- to address, desired product, size and quantity.

Some important points about samples and ordering:

  • Online images are only representations of the actual look of tile. Texture does not translate well to the flat image you see on your screen, and color can vary widely depending on the correctness of the photograph, as well as the calibration of the computer monitor.
  • Buying tile and countertops requires specific information and a clear understanding of what your client will be receiving.  We want your fabricator/contractor/installer to have all the information they need. This is why we offer free samples on almost all of our products and our representatives are immediately available to offer support and guidance.
Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, we do! In Northern California Cerami, Inc. will deliver your materials to many parts of the Bay Area. If your showroom is not on our free routes we will organize delivery via Target or UPS. If your order is over $1,500 we will deliver it or ship it to you for free. Here’s our current delivery schedule:

Monday and Wednesday: East Bay

San Rafael => San Francisco => Union City => Hayward => San Leandro => San Lorenzo => Oakland => San Francisco => San Rafael

Tuesday: South Bay

San Rafael => San Francisco => Brisbane => South San Francisco => San Carlos => Redwood City => San Mateo => Palo Alto => Santa Clara => Sunnyvale => San Jose => San Francisco => San Rafael

Thursday: South Bay

San Rafael => San Francisco => Brisbane => South San Francisco => San Carlos => Redwood City => San Mateo bridge to San Leandro => Oakland => San Francisco => San Rafael.

Friday: No deliveries are available.

I have a product line that I would like Cerami, Inc. to distribute. Who do I contact?
If you represent a tile manufacturer and would like to present a product line to Cerami, Inc. for distribution, please send a brief message to dealersales@ceramiinc.com. Include a brief summary of your company and the product you would like to present.
What are the terms & conditions of sale?

CERAMI, INC. dba Ceramic Tile Design

All sales are net, cash, unless credit is established with our office prior to sale.  ACCOUNT STATUS MUST BE CURRENT.

Prices and discounts are subject to change without notice.  Shipments are invoiced at the price in effect at time of delivery.  Therefore, any orders requiring price protection must be noted in writing prior to delivery.  All prices are FOB at the factory and are therefore subject to a freight equalization charge.  Some orders requiring special handling are subject to carton charges, special packing charges, palletizing, and strapping charges, etc.  These additional charges will be noted on invoices.

Accounts are due and payable on the tenth of the month unless other project specific terms have been agreed upon.  A monthly statement will be mailed as a record of transactions and payments to accounts.  All ordered merchandise must be picked up within thirty days of ETA and will be billed accordingly.  Material warehoused beyond 30 days are subject to storage fees of $50 per pallet per month.

Accounts not paid by the due date (tenth of the month) will be subject to monthly service charges of 2% of the unpaid balance.  Any accounts not current by the end of the due date month will automatically be placed on a COD status.

2% net tenth of the month to qualifying invoices, discount does not apply to any invoices where special terms and/or price quotes differ from typical contractor pricing.  2% discount will not apply when invoices are paid with a credit card.  Contractor discounts expire at the end of the due date month. If payment is not received within our terms the invoice(s) are then charged at full retail value, net and past-due.

No merchandise is accepted for return without prior approval of Cerami, Inc. and the corresponding vendor.  All non-stock merchandise returned for credit will be assessed a 50% restocking charge, plus freight charges applicable.  Material must be full unopened cartons, purchased within the prior thirty days, and accompanied with original sales invoice.  Stock merchandise will be assessed a 25% restocking charge.  Special order, second grade, discontinued, close-out or sale merchandise will not be accepted for return.

All credit for material returned will be in the form of credit memos issued and posted to the customer’s account.

If it is necessary for Cerami, Inc. to employ a collection agency or to take legal action to enforce, protect, or defend any of its rights, upon Cerami, Inc prevailing, buyer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney’s fees, collection agency fees and cost incurred by Seller including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and expenses, paralegals’ fees and expenses, attorneys’ consultants’ fees and expenses, expert witnesses’ fees and expenses, and all other expenses incurred by the Cerami, Inc’s attorneys in the course of their representation in anticipation of and/or during the course of Litigation, whether or not otherwise recoverable as “attorneys’ fees” of as “costs” under California law, and the same may be sought and awarded in accordance with California procedural law pertaining to an award of contractual attorneys’ fees.

The failure of Seller to insist in any one or more instances upon the performance of any Seller’s Terms and Conditions or the failure of Seller to exercise any of the rights thereunder, shall not be construed as a waiver or relinquishment of any such terms, conditions, or rights thereunder, and shall not affect Seller’s right to insist on strict performance and compliance with regard to any unexecuted portions of an order or future performance of these Terms and Conditions.

Variation in shade is inherent in all stone and clay products.  Any claims of variation must be made prior to installation.  Seller accepts no responsibility and will not entertain any claim if the goods fail to match color charts and/or color illustrations.  All samples are submitted as representative of a type of tile, a color, a shade, or a type of finish, and goods furnished in a shipment may vary from such samples.  Seller does not agree to match individual samples.

Some tiles require a sealer prior to grouting.  Responsibility rests with the installer to properly install the material and determine the effects of colored grout on his/her installation.

Seller is not responsible for product performance beyond guarantees or  warranties by the manufacturer of goods sold by Seller and cannot be held liable for performance due to Buyer’s improper installation or misuse of any goods.